OMEGA MARINE SUPPLY  is a reputable company with over 27 years offering his services as a General Ship Suppliers Company on all Venezuelan Ports, supplying all kind of vessels and their needs, with high standard quality products.

Note that in view of recent events in our country, we decided to extend our services to the Republic of Panama under name OMEGA MARINE SUPPLY, S.A.,reason why which we announced our presence and  operations from now.

For peace of our customer OMEGA MARINE SUPPLY, S.A. will have the same efficiency, quality, responsibility, time delivery, which are the goals that our company handles together with competitive prices.

To meet the needs of our customers OMEGA MARINE SUPPLY, S.A.count with an efficient team, as our direct and relative operators, with a very good interactive relation to secure supplies on time.

Hope that the implementation of our organization OMEGA MARINESUPPLY, S.A., in that country can help our customers to strengthen and improve the quality of life of its crew delivering high standard quality products of a quick and efficient manner, and in accordance with the instructions received.

OMEGA MARINE SUPPLY, S.A. in this new project in Panama, inbuilt freezers and chiller rooms ensuring that all food products are at best and freshest. Their remain so, till they reach their destination, also  transportation with refrigerated, Cargo trucks, Panel, etc., handling with a qualify team for delivery.

We aim to offer a high standard of professional service and diversified product lines according to their small or large requirements